Partnership Programme

Partnership Masters Program in Economics

CUHK-Shenzhen and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) are establishing a partnership between master's degree programs in economics, which starts in the fall of 2018. This joint program offers a unique opportunity for students to receive world-class education from a prestigious US program and obtain knowledge about the Chinese economy and practical trainings/internships/job opportunities in China. All classes are conducted in English. UW-Madison will award the degree of Master in Economics to students that successfully complete all credit requirements after they transfer some credits taken at CUHK-Shenzhen.

Degree Requirements

Students will be offered two Master degrees after successfully completing the graduate studies at both UW-Madison and CUHK-Shenzhen.


30 credits in total with a minimum of 21 credits taken in Madison

Students who have completed a semester of courses at CUHK-Shenzhen as Associate Students would be expected to graduate from UW-Madison after two additional semesters of coursework at UW-Madison.


36 credits in total with a minimum of 18 credits taken in Shenzhen

Students who have completed two semesters of courses at UW-Madison would be also expected to graduate from CUHK-Shenzhen after one more year of coursework at CUHK-Shenzhen.

Study Plan (for reference only)

Year 1

Fall Term — CUHK-Shenzhen

Quantitative Methods in Economics

Advanced Microeconomics

Advanced Macroeconomics

Business Economics and Machine Learning

Spring Term — UW-Madison

ECON 701: Microeconomics I

ECON 690: International Financial Economics

ECON 704: Econometrics I


Summer Term — UW-Madison

Students may have the following two options:
Option A: Stay at UW-Madison and take courses
Option B: Participate in internship (0 credits).

Year 2

Fall Term — UW-Madison

ECON 708: Microeconomics II

ECON 705: Econometrics II


Graduate from UW-Madison

Spring Term — CUHK-Shenzhen

Advanced Programming for Economics


Summer Term — CUHK-Shenzhen


Fall Term — CUHK-Shenzhen

Graduate Internship (off campus)

Graduate from CUHK-Shenzhen


UW-Madison offers the following master's courses:

Core CoursesElective Courses
ECON701 Microeconomics IECON442 Macroeconomic Policy
ECON704 Econometrics IECON460 Economic Forecasting
ECON708 Microeconomics IIECON475 Economics of Growth
ECON705 Econometrics IIECON521 Game Theory & Economic Analysis
ECON702 Macroeconomics IECON548 Economics of Health Care
  ECON666 Issues-International Finance
  ECON690 Data Analytics for Economists
  ECON690 Economics of Machine Learning

CUHK-Shenzhen offers the following master's courses:


Tuition Fee

Tuition Fees: CUHK-Shenzhen and UW-Madison are responsible for setting and collecting tuition/fees through their own university. Fulltime Enrollment Tuition at UW-Madison is currently $2000-$2200 US dollars per credit.

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