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Programme Overview

This programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive training that combines economic theories, quantitative skills and real-world applications to launch them into a career in economic service sectors, including government agencies, financial institutions, multinational companies, business organizations and higher education.

Learning Goals
1. Our students will possess a solid foundation in economic theory, frameworks and quantitative methodologies, and in their real-world applications.
2. Our students will possess understanding of the importance of modern economic theories in global economies and markets.
3. Our students will possess the requisite analytical and problem solving skills to support sound economic decisions.
4. Our students will possess effective leadership skills.
5. Our students will possess understanding of professional ethics.
6. Our students will possess effective lifelong learning skills.

Programme Duration
Normative study period is 1.5 years with 36 credits in total. Students are allowed to graduate in advance or delay graduation within 2.5 years.
Study Mode
Full Time
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for the entire programme (2020 Entry) is RMB 168,000.
Career Support
Shenzhen Finance Institute Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to providing our students with all-round career preparation and support services. We assist our students with career planning, internship and full-time job search, resume and mock interview. We also organize career-related seminars and activities, develop close relationships with potential employers, set up internship bases and eventually help students realize career goals.

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