• Xiong, Wei

    Title: Academic Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute; Professor (Princeton University)

    Email: wxiong@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Wang, Cong

    Title: Presidential Chair Professor; Master of Shaw College; Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute, Director of MSc in Business Management Programme, Director of the Center for Corporate Governance and Employee Ownership

    Email: wangcong@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Wang, Jian

    Title: Professor; Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute, Director of FEMBA/EDP Programme, Director of Center for Macro-Financial Stability and Innovation, Co-Director of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Finance Research Centre

    Email: jianwang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Ye, Lixin

    Title: Professor (The Ohio State University)

    Email: lixinye@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Zhang, Bohui

    Title: Executive Associate Dean of SME, CUHK-Shenzhen, Presidential Chair Professor; Director of the Center for FinTech and Social Finance, Co-director of MSc in Data Science Programme, SFI; Associate Dean of Shenzhen Institute of Data Economy

    Email: bohuizhang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Liu, Feng

    Title: Associate Professor

    Email: liufeng@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Thomas, Hugh

    Title: Associate Professor

    Email: hughthomas@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Ye, Haichun

    Title: Associate Professor; Director of MSc Programme in Economics

    Email: yehaichun@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Zhang, Jinfan

    Title: Director of MPhil-PhD Programme in Finance, CUHK-Shenzhen, Co-director of Center for Macro-Financial Stability and Innovation, Shenzhen Finance Institute, Associate Professor

    Email: zhangjinfan@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Chen, Qihui

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: qihuichen@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Dou, Liyu

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: douliyu@cuhk.edu.cn

  • He, Jieshuang

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: jieshuanghe@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Hui, Shen

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: huishen@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Liu, Bin

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: binliu@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Song, Yangbo (Darcy)

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: yangbosong@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Xie, Cong (Richard)

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: richardxie@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Xie, Huihua

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: huihuaxie@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Xu, Sichuang

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: xusichuang@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Teh Tat-How

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: tehtathow@cuhk.edu.cn

  • Zheng, Yiying

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email: emilyzheng@cuhk.edu.cn

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