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MSc in Economics 2017 Cohort

Ph.D Candidate, Toulouse School of Economics

Master of Science in Economics is a well-organized and full-source-equipped programme. Through its training, I established a solid foundation in economic theory and equipped myself with many analytical tools used in modern economic research. For students who would like to pursue a further deepening study in economics, MSc Economics Programme is an excellent choice. Every semester, students have opportunities to do real academic research under the supervision of one of the outstanding professors. What’s more, students are free to join every seminar held in school so they could catch up with the front edge of today’s academic world.

HUANG Yiming

MSc in Economics 2017 Cohort

Currently working for Bank of China

This young campus is full of new ideas every day. Professors and staffs are very helpful. I really enjoy the current campus life here.

ZHU Chunyu

MSc in Economics 2017 Cohort

Currently working for Ping An Fund

It is 1500 kilometers from my hometown to Shenzhen, but it only took me 1.5 seconds to make the decision to join SFI. It is not because I am not thoughtful and careful. Instead, I believe when the gust of the fate appears, you do not need to hesitate. All you have to do is to run over and embrace the magnificent airflow. As time went by, I became more proud of and happy with my original decision. In the programme, I can learn the knowledge that is beneficial to the country and people and do things that have social and practical significance. I hope that more and more students will join us and show their talent in the future.


MSc in Economics 2018 Cohort

Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

“Chance, Challenges, Changes."
The joint program between CUHK(SZ) and UW-Madison brings me a chance to encounter demanding but rewarding challenges to change myself from a wide-eyed undergraduate to a professional economic analyst. There is no need for you to worry about the heavy study stress and high academic standards. One semester in Shenzhen provides sufficient time to acquire profound knowledge of advanced economic theories and analytical and quantitative methods. Furthermore, one-year study in United States will equip me with the ability to think and solve today's economic problems from an international perspective.”


MSc in Economics 2018 Cohort

Graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics

Beautiful campus with modern facilities, brilliant professors and talented classmates make me wish I could meet this college earlier. Well-arranged curricula, plentiful internship and job resources and kind teachers make this programme highly competitive in China. I have not only learned the theoretical knowledge but also learned how to prepare for the future job. I enjoy the life here and I am happy to have the chance to join this program.


MSc in Economics 2018 Cohort

Graduated from Fudan Univeristy

Thanks god I have survived the unbelievably tough homework, even tougher presentations, and the toughest exams so far at CUHK-Shenzhen. However, recently I noticed that I got more and more used to, even enjoyed sometimes, the energetic life here. I mean, with the best professors of the field, highly-personalized career development guidance and perfect living environment, who wouldn’t?

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